Mindfulness Workshops

Mindfulness-based Approaches

Clients often come into therapy asking for help ‘to quieten the mind’ or ‘to switch off thinking’ or ‘to stop the incessant chatter’ – “don’t do that, best not bother, why me?, why can they do that and I can’t?, I’m not good enough, I can’t do this any more”

CBT can help to detect thoughts which are intrinsically linked to our emotional state with the aim of evaluating those more objectively. This in turn, can lead to a sense of being separate from our thoughts i.e. maybe we are NOT what we think.  We can learn not to react to our thoughts in the same way.  Mindfulness approaches can help us to become increasingly aware of the patterns of the mind and with ongoing practise, we can remain more distanced from the emotional impact that our thinking can have on us.  We can learn to observe our mind, as we do our physical self.

Sometimes it will feel ok to move closer and go with the flow of our thoughts rather than spending increasing efforts to still the mind, distract ourselves, avoid thinking about things – we may even notice the transience of our thoughts and the emotional landscape, just like the weather patterns day-to-day – fluctuating, changing, impermanent.

CBT & Mindfulness practise sit nicely together and for many years now, have been integrated to help those with repeated episodes of depression.  Whilst CBT has shown to be effective in helping people climb out of the holes in the road, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Thearpy (MBCT) has shown it’s effectiveness in keeping people from falling back into the hole – we can notice the same patterns, the same thoughts and learn to respond to those differently perhaps, so we are less likely to be caught off guard.

Over more recent years, Mindfulness is being used for people experiencing a whole range of emotion-related difficulties such as stress, anxiety, anger.

At CBT 24-7 Ltd we are keen to offer people a full package of treatment so you are able to fully embrace the notion of being your own therapist, no matter where you are in your journey to well-being and recovery.  Our course is also for you if you have ever benefitted from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Counselling & Psychotherapy.

“I have just completed the eight week Mindfulness course with Niki.
At the start I had little understanding of what was in store. I entered with an open mind and a willingness to learn. Since having my eldest daughter 12 years ago I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder and consequently have been medicated ever since for depression and anxiety. I have previously undertook cognitive behaviour therapy and sessions with a psychiatric nurse to attempt to control or even eradicate my illness. But to no avail.
So when I had the opportunity to take part in this course I thought why not.
The sessions were interesting and relaxed. The homework tasks were manageable and rewarding. The delivery was calm and at an accessible pace for all. Niki was amazing, approachable, knowledgable and empathetic.
I could talk about the experience all day but what is truly amazing is the outcome.
I have been able to manage and nearly eradicate my panic attacks with the breathing techniques taught.
I have stopped all medication for the first time in years. Something I never expected to ever happen.
If that wasn’t triumph enough I managed to get on a flight for the first time in six years with no panic attack at all.I am truly in awe of this course, these techniques and the entire experience. If you are in any doubt whether to do it or not, please give it a go. I am so happy that I did and cannot thank Niki enough”
GC, Burton-on-Trent.

New classes for 2018

  • 8 week Mindfulness course
  • £195 per person fully inclusive of materials
  •  Early Bird and Bring-a-friend offer
  • Reduced rates for people on lower incomes

Next Course starts on 19th January 2018

Woodlands Natural Health Centre, Queen’s Court, Woodland Road, Derby DE22 1GR

Course Dates: 
19th January 2018
26th January 2018
2nd February 2018
9th February 2018
23rd February 2018
9th March 2018
16th March 2018
23rd March 2018

To register your place, please contact Niki on workshops@cbt247.com